Mobile Development

We can handle your iPhone and iPad needs. Regardless If you want to build a simple game/app or a large scale enterprise app we would like to talk with you.

OS X Development

Do you need a desktop app to go with your mobile app? Or have a completely unique desktop app in mind? Contact us!

Backend Development

We can build a cloud based backend for your mobile and desktop apps using a verity of different solutions using Parse, Django, Drupal, App Engine etc... Contact us to discus your needs!

Create a multi-device app using Swift iOS/OSX

When Apple announced there new Swift programming language at WWDC 2014 the crowed exploded with excitement. We didn't know it at the time, with this release of Swift and Xcode 6 Apple has drastically simplified the process of creating cross platform apps that will run on iPhone/iPad/iPod and OS X.

In this series we are going to cover starting from scratch to having an app running on iPhone/iPad and OS X while sharing data using iCloud.

The apps will be developed using Swift, storyboards (iOS & OS X), and iCloud.