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Unreal Engine

Develop games and other interactive applcations for busniesses in all sectors.


Unlimited possiblites with imagintive world creations.

Backend Development

Custom backend solutions for your projects needs.

Mobile Development

Take your project on the road with custom mobile solutions.


Bruce is a senior developer, who has good communication skills and isn't afraid of voicing out his ideas when he thinks something could be done better. He can also tackle large tasks and see them through from start to finish, such as adserver API development.

Joni Leimala

Business Strategist & Technology Expert

Bruce has tech reviewed some our most strategically important books - our iOS/OSX books, covering programming languages such as Swift and Objective-C, as well Xcode. HIs work was integral to the success of our Fall/Winter 2014 launching Beginning iPhone Development with Swift, our top book of the year. He continues to be a valuable resource for our authors and editors, even working under very tight deadlines, if that is what the project requires. I am happy to recommend Bruce and his skills.

Mark Powers

Senior Production Lead

Bruce worked hard, listened and participated in class discussion from the first moment he set foot into the classroom and continued to seek ways to improve his work, both in quality and quantity. He always strove to improve and he actively sought advice and when given advice always worked to implement any comments and criticism.

Scott Swanson

Owner, Screen Full'a Dreams Productions

I taught Bruce at the Art Institute in a first term game design class. Bruce always received top marks in my class for excellent work and always put his best effort forward. He worked well on his own and as a strong contributer to team work. I always noticed that he was very helpful to his fellow students and encouraged them to greater efforts by example. I did not have very many opportunities to observe his programming work but from what I saw, he had an analytical mind and knack for implementing game features that would serve him well as a programmer.

Dan Coburn

Game Design

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